Our fees have fallen. We have always been believing that free education is a right. We are inviting you to sign up for our End User Computer Training. Its free to register. You pay only R300 monthly fee for three months. Classes starts in March 2016. What a better way to count your achievements for 2016!

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To educate young people in civil society about natural ways of life seem to be one of the important elements for the future.

Not to long ago activities such as agricultural or farming which are part of sustainable living were not recognized as relevant source especially by the youth.

There has been a huge conflict between technology and nature. The struggle to modernize agriculture gave the youth spirit to despise nature.

Today the idea is trending, 60% of young stars are eager to  learn and engage more on the topic. There is a new wave of innovators who invent ideas of renewable energies and sustainable ways of living.

All over the world people are talk about solutions. One of the most important factor would be a process of using nature and Technology for development. Accessible technology for developing countries, the design of eco-villages and sustainable agriculture.

We have to stop building nuclear power plant in South Africa, educated young farmers about organic farming, with no chemical and pesticides. Promotion of nature, taking care of animal species and inheriting mountains, rivers, forests and seas. These ideas will make the world a better place for every living being. That would be the future of a civilized society. By 2050 the world could reach this goal, by means of working together as a unity.

By Xolisa Bangani

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Web Course Information Session

On Wednesday, September 9, 2015, we will host an information session on the upcoming web development course. This information session will take place from 12.00-13.00 next to the Whizz ICT Centre (Blue Hall, Sport Complex White House  Site C Khayelitsha). See CONTACT US for information details.

This event is open to everyone interested in this course. We will provide an explanation of how it works, what to expect, how the selection procedure works, and there will be time for questions and answers.

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Free Web Development Course coming to Whizz

Always wanted to become a web programmer? Apply now! Together with Penguin Protocols, the Whizz ICT Centre organises this course aimed at people interested in learning how to develop websites and who could see themselves do this as their profession. A strong preference will be given to students who cannot afford to take this kind of course in another setting. You must prove that you really need the skill as well to be accepted.


  • Commitment for 8 months

  • Comfortable with working with computers

  • Able to spend sufficient time on this course.


  • 3 hours of class a week,

  • 15-20 hours of homework per week (!) because programming is all about practice.

  • The course will run for 8 months and start in October 2015.

The course is taught by a senior web developer from an international web development firm.


View more information or apply at:




Mthunzi @ 082 071 5298; Email Address: mthunzi@whizzictcentre.co.za

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End User Computer Classes Starts Soon

The popular End User Computer Training at Whizz is starting on the 03 March. The classes are in full capacity already. All learners join the classes through the word of mouth. We do not pay anything for advertising. That is a real measure of how successful these classes are. We rely on those who have come through this training to spread the word about us. To all of you our ex-learners thank you for being through ambasadors of Whizz ICT Centre training department. If you are interested to join the popular classes please join us in the first week of June. We are fully booked for now.




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Our mission is to facilitate the use of technology by technologically marginalised communities not only in South Africa but in Africa and other marginalised countries of the world.   Our vision is to use technology as a tool for development.  Our Core Values is ACCESS and QUALITY.  Access means breaking down the barriers that keep these communities away from using technology such as access to infrastructure, affordability, knowledge and usefulness.  Quality is also important in making technology add value to the lives of the people and communities we serve.

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We welcome you to our new website.  We hope that you will find it useful for you to know more about us and what we do.  Please feel free to comment or send us advices either through the Contact Form of contact details given under Contact Us page.

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